Exhibition & Symposium
Images in Conflict: Photographic and cinematic images of situations of crisis and conflict change in terms of aesthetics and applications, thereby becoming targets themselves. On the one hand, image producers and the distribution channels for images have multiplied in the course of digital developments. This broadens perspectives and enables new narrative forms. On the other hand, this is associated with an upheaval of classical photojournalistic self-perception. The rivalry between visual strategies can increase the affective potential of images. It also raises the question to what extent photographs can still function as witnesses. In the realm of claims to truth, they move among authenticity, objectivity and propaganda. Their contextualisation and framing create meanings – and require reflection.
In our medialised world, how should wars and conflicts be viewed? How can the truth be made visible from the various perspectives of the participants involved? How should the ›image makers‹ of our time tell their stories in order to reach an audience? With an exhibition and a symposium, the programme Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts will devote itself to these questions.